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Financial protection for seniors

Safely make purchases on behalf of your clients with our Caregiver Spending Cards. No more sharing cash, prepaid, or personal cards.

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"What happens today if a patient/client, or a family member, accuses their caregiver of financial abuse? How would your agency handle such a claim?

Home care providers must innovate to proactively address this risk and embrace a new role as financial caregivers.


Doing so can generate new revenue opportunities for the agencies who offer to monitor patient/client accounts for suspicious transactions and provide them with reloadable caregiver spending cards with personalized limits and controls.


An emerging ecosystem of financial tools makes it easier, and less expensive than ever, to design and offer a financial monitoring and protection program for your patients/clients."

-David E. Young, Executive Chair &

Perry Halman-Peguillan, CEO

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SpendCare is the safest and easiest way to make purchases on behalf of your clients


Our platform gives you real-time insight into purchases and our cards are configurable to meet the needs of your agency and the clients you serve.

What We Offer


Instant, Shared 


All purchases made with the cards are immediately visible to your staff, your client, and their family caregiver(s).


Custom Spending Cards

Limit what can purchased with the cards, schedule automatic reloading, and lock them at any time to prevent fraud or abuse.


Built for Caregivers, by Caregivers

Each member of our team has helped to care for an aging loved one, often in collaboration with a professional caregiver.

We appreciate the challenges faced by your agency, clients, and staff and developed our platform with continuous input from agency owners and operators just like you.

Supporting your caregivers with flexible, safe spending tools is the first step in our vision to make providing home care services more affordable and accessible to those in need.


No setup costs.
No hidden fees.

Transparency is one of our core values which is why we clearly publish our pricing. With SpendCare, what you see is what you get without any need to search through fine print or use fancy formulas to estimate how much SpendCare will cost each month.


You will always pay the same flat fee per month because we understand that predictability and affordability is key to growing and sustaining your agency.

Frequently asked questions.

Your clients and your agency will never be charged fees to reload the cards.

Setting up profiles only takes a few minutes for your staff and clients to complete online.

Upload and attach receipts to each purchase for enhanced accountability.

Your staff and clients will always be notified of new purchases.

First 10 Cards Included



One-time implementation fee



Fixed monthly platform fee



One-time activation fee per card



Monthly fee per active card

Inquire with our sales team regarding special discounts and enterprise pricing for agencies with 250+ clients.

Financial protection for your clients, your caregivers, and your agency is more accessible than ever

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