SpendCare is

Shaping The Future
of Financial Wellness for Seniors and their Caregivers

Why Now

Caregivers are Burnt Out

More is always expected of caregivers, helping with medical issues, running errands, planning for the unexpected, and now, managing financial wellness. The first step is understanding how their spending on caregiving expenses compares to the $7,200 national average.

But the Need is Only Growing

10,000 people turn 65 every day. These seniors are frequent targets of fraud and financial abuse and lose $36 billion each year to financial exploitation. Falling victim to any scam would be devastating for the 40 million seniors who are one unexpected illness or traumatic event from financial ruin.

And Technology is Catching Up

Traditional resources like banks and daily money managers are either not built to support a collaborative caregiving team or too expensive for the average senior and caregiver to afford. Recent technical innovations have finally made it possible to provide affordable, proactive, and shared management of financial affairs.


What We Offer

Smart Monitoring

Never miss another bill or suspicious transaction by connecting financial accounts to monitor all spending in one place.


Configure spending alerts to be notified instantly and adjust transaction visibility settings to respect privacy.

Safe Spending

Prevent mistakes or fraud before they happen by setting limits and restrictions on SpendCare debit card(s).

Restrictions can be based on purchase amount, purchase date/time, and merchant category.


Expense Sharing

Activate the full support network by engaging them with SpendCare's collaboration tools.

Discuss, review, and create shared plans to manage and/or split upcoming bills and expenses among account members.

Connect & Learn

Connect with others who are helping to support a senior and share advice and experience.

Learn from others and from articles, blog posts, and other content written by trusted experts on personal finance for seniors.


How It Works

Sign-Up for SpendCare

Register in minutes online for yourself or on behalf of someone you are caring for. 

You will need to enter some personal information to create an account.

Connect Accounts & Caregivers

Securely connect financial accounts in one easy step by logging in through the SpendCare portal.

Invite other caregivers to join and configure alert and transaction visibility preferences.

Spend with Confidence

A virtual card will be available immediately for online spending and mobile wallets. A physical card will be mailed within 3 business days.

Set spending limits and controls as soon as the account is created and empower the person you are caring for to start spending safely.

About Us

Perry A. Peguillan, MS
Rodney M. Hamilton, MD
David E. Young, MBA
Our Story

Everyone has a story about the challenges and emotional toll of caring for someone who needs help managing their money. Ours begins with a mother-in-law in a faraway nursing home who just wanted to buy herself  some lipstick and the trust account that vanished after she passed.

As we each shared our family's version of that story, we realized this is an issue that unites people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs and that there is no better time to start building a better way.

David Young spent most of his career designing systems and services to care for seniors while Rodney Hamilton started his career as a medical doctor and Perry Peguillan advocated for those most at-risk like the homeless and food insecure.

We have each seen the impact that financial wellness and strain has on the physical health of caregivers and the ones they care for and improving that dynamic is the driving force behind SpendCare.

We envision a future where caregiving is a collaborative and celebrated activity. Where people are empowered to enjoy a healthy degree of independence and privacy.



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