Handle Client Funds with Confidence and Security

SpendCare was created to protect your agency, your caregivers, and your clients from financial misuse and misunderstandings. With SpendCare, every purchase your caregivers make on behalf of your clients is automatically documented and visible to your staff, your clients, and their families.

Welcome to SpendCare™ – Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Care

Financial protection for your clients, your caregivers, and your agency is more accessible than ever.

SpendCare monitors purchases, assigns receipts and proof-of-purchase pictures, and you can share it all instantaneously with your clients and their families.

Built for Caregivers, by Caregivers. Each member of our team has helped to care for an aging loved one, often in collaboration with a professional caregiver.
Grow your errand-running service with peace-of-mind protection from SpendCare. Spend more time caring for your clients and less time manually tracking purchases.
Financial exploitation of the elderly is a serious issue in the United States, affecting countless seniors and their families each year. This form of exploitation involves the illegal or improper use of an elder’s funds, property, or assets.

When a family entrusts the care of their elderly loved one to a home care agency, they expect their family member to be treated with respect and their belongings to be safe and secure.

SpendCare is a spend management program designed exclusively for home care agencies to protect their clients, their caregivers, and their company from financial misuse and misunderstandings.
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