Financial benefits for caregivers

Reward your caregivers with early access to earnings and instant access to bonus/incentive payments at no cost to them.

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"Many human services industries, especially in the restaurant and retail space, are increasingly turning to debit cards as a foundational component of financial wellness programming for employees.

By using a debit card that is issued to a caregiver along with a web-based portal or mobile app, the early access to earnings program can enable a caregiver to initiate a request to "draw" from their already earned pay and gain immediate access to those funds via their debit card. No negotiation is necessary. 

Offering rewards and incentives to caregivers is a deceptively simple idea that can quickly become mired in complexity. Too frequently, the reward arrives long after the caregiver completes the qualifying activity. A debit card-based program can eliminate this issue by enabling immediate access to earned rewards."

-David E. Young, Executive Chair

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SpendCare is the simplest and most equitable way to provide financial benefits to your caregivers. We know it takes multiple software platforms to run your agency and strive to be a seamless fit with your existing partners.

What We Offer


Early Access to Earnings

Allow you caregivers to access a portion of their earnings before payday.

You set the limit per pay period and review and approve all requests.


Off-Cycle Payments

Distribute reward and incentive payments instantly.

Provide funds for gas and other needs in real-time with the push of a button.


Built for Caregivers, by Caregivers

Each member of our team has helped to care for an aging loved one, often in collaboration with a professional caregiver.

We appreciate the challenges faced by your agency, clients, and staff and developed our platform with continuous input from agency owners and operators just like you.

Supporting caregivers with flexible financial benefits is the first step in our vision to make providing home care services more affordable and accessible to those in need.


No setup costs.
No hidden fees.

Transparency is one of our core values which is why we clearly publish our pricing. With SpendCare, what you see is what you get without any need to search through fine print or use fancy formulas to estimate how much SpendCare will cost each month.


You will always pay the same flat fee per month because we understand that predictability and affordability is key to growing and sustaining your agency.

Frequently asked questions.

Your caregivers will never be charged fees to access their earnings.

Setting up profiles only takes a few minutes for your caregivers to complete online.

Multiple payment destinations can be enabled for your caregivers' convenience.

You will always be notified of new requests for early earnings access.

Flat Monthly Billing



Fixed monthly platform fee




One-time fee per SpendCare card

No hidden fees or variable pricing. You pay the same flat fee no matter how many transfers are made.

Above pricing is based on midsize agency and dependent on the number of employed caregivers.

Give your caregivers the financial benefits they will appreciate and you can afford