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Say goodbye to variable fees.

SpendCare makes it simple and affordable for home care agencies to collect payments from your clients. Find out how much you can save today.

Simple & Secure

Affordable & Scalable

Proactive & Transparent

A modern payments platform built exclusively for home care agencies.

It has never been easier or less expensive to process payments. So why are you still being charged with an outdated fee model? 


SpendCare is specifically designed for home care agencies and uses the latest payment processing technologies to save you money and grow your business. We know every dollar you save can fund new services, assist with caregiver retention, and prevent price increases for your clients. 


What We Offer

SpendCare is the simplest and most affordable way to process client payments. We know it takes multiple software platforms to efficiently run your agency and strive to be a seamless fit with your existing partners.

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Bank Grade Security

SpendCare accounts are FDIC-insured and protected using bank-level security. Our systems do not see or store usernames or passwords.

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Foundation for Growth

Turn your spending on payment processing fees into access to new SpendCare features and services provided at little to no extra cost.

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Easy Onboarding for Clients & Staff 

It only takes a few minutes for new users to setup their SpendCare account. We'll be available to address any questions or issues that arise.

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Smart Notification 

Our To-Do List and email alerts ensure your staff and clients will never miss important information regarding their account and payments.


Built for Caregivers, by Caregivers

Each member of our team has helped to care for an aging loved one, often in collaboration with a professional caregiver.

We appreciate the challenges faced by your agency, clients, and staff and developed our platform with continuous input from agency owners and operators just like you.

Saving money on payment processing fees is just the first step in our vision to make providing home care services more affordable and accessible to those in need.

Hear From Your Colleagues

"I shoulder the cost of processing fees to keep our services as affordable as possible and not exclude potential clients who are less economically advantaged.

Independent Agency Owner, Connecticut

“Merchant fees are the one thing everyone is thinking about. It's a big, unnecessary bill. If I could start over, I would require that clients pay via ACH to avoid credit card fees.”

Independent Agency Owner,


“It's really hard to grow beyond 30 or so clients. Your operations have to be exceptional and that includes not losing money on payment processing fees.”

Independent Agency Owner, Nebraska


Keep More of What You Earn With Our Payment Solutions

No setup costs.
No hidden fees.

Transparency is one of our core values which is why we clearly publish our pricing. With SpendCare, what you see is what you get without any need to search through fine print or use fancy formulas to estimate how much SpendCare will cost each month.


You will always pay the same flat fee per client because we understand that predictability and affordability is key to growing and sustaining your agency.

Frequently asked questions.

Setting up payments only takes a few minutes for your clients to complete online.

Auto-Pay is enabled with the click of a button to reduce client burden and bad debt.

Your clients will always be notified when their payments are due and successfully completed.

Send payment reminders, track payment status, and more all within the SpendCare platform.

Monthly Billing



Per client per month

No hidden fees or variable pricing. You pay the same flat fee for each client, no matter how much you bill them.

Above pricing is based on weekly billing. Lower rates are available for less frequent intervals.

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